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International Affairs July 2009 Update

Dresden, Germany

San Antonio-Dresden Economic and Cultural Alliance spurs first business visit from Germany — June 1-5, 2009: 

Three companies from Dresden, Germany visited San Antonio on occasion of the 2009 Society for Information Display I(SID) International Symposium Seminar and Exhibition.   IAD convened a special dinner welcoming the German executives and introducing them to counterparts from the UTSA School of Engineering, the UT Health Science Center, the Southwest Research Institute, and the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.   This was the first business visit from Dresden since Mayor Hardberger led an official trade mission to Germany in February 2009 to sign a economic and cultural alliance with the European dynamo.    Additional information on the Alliance’s goals and objectives can be found by clicking here.

The Irish Echo

IAD joins The Irish Echo in honoring Texas’ Top Irish-American Leaders—June 5, 2009:

The Irish Echo, the largest Irish newspaper in the US, hosted an awards evening for the champions of Irish America in Texas on Friday, June 5 at the Menger Hotel.   The event built on the rich Irish American heritage of Texas while also celebrating the Scots-Irish link to the Alamo and the Lone Star State. San Antonio Honorees include: Joan Moody, President, Harp and Shamrock Society of San Antonio, Maria Elena Torralva-Alonso, Director of Port San Antonio, and Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI).

Turkish American Heritage Society

IAD supports Turkish American Heritage Society dinner celebrating diversity in US-Turkish relations — June 11, 2009:

The event highlighted the collaborative educational exchange between Turkish Universities and American Minority Serving institutions. Jose M. Vega, Chief of Protocol, was in attendance on behalf of the City. 

Delegation of Women Entrepreneurs

U.S. Department of State Delegation of Women Entrepreneurs — June 25-27, 2009: 

Every year, the U.S. Department of State nominates twenty-three English speaking women from twenty-one countries around the world to participate in a multi-regional project examining women's entrepreneurship in the United States. Five of those women visited San Antonio and met with several local organizations, including: City of San Antonio, Teksa Innovations, Accion Texas, P.E.A.C.E., and the San Antonio Women's Chamber of Commerce, among others.   The International Affairs Department hosted a luncheon for them where they received an honorary citizenship award.   Their visit was programmed by the San Antonio Council for International Visitors.

San Antonio World Wise

IAD debuts government access TV Show “San Antonio World Wise”

The first episode of San Antonio World Wise is now playing on TVSA/Public Access Chanel 21.   The show features the Mexican city of Guadalajara, with interviews of Casa San Antonio-Guadalajara Director, Jake Flores, and members of ILCSA (International Language Center at San Antonio), an extension of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara.   To view the show online click here.  

Mexican Food Company

Local retailer in preliminary negotiations with Mexican food company with help of Casa San Antonio —June 15-16, 2009:

A Mexican company that produces pickled cucumbers in a variety of presentations for the retail and food service industry visited potential clients in San Antonio.   Main clients in Mexico include: Burger King, McDonald's, Costco, Sam's Club, and McCormick, just to mention a few. They currently sell approximate of $1 million in the United States and $3 million in Mexico.  Meetings resulted in potential partnership that would allow local companies to remain competitive. 

San Antonio is one of the Healthiest Economies in the US

Brookings Institution Reports San Antonio is one of the Healthiest Local Economies in the US — June 2009:

The latest quarterly report from the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Washington D.C. think tank ranks San Antonio among the top 10 healthiest economies in the US.   When compared with US cities with populations above 1 million, San Antonio tops the list.   The report gauges the financial health of cities by analyzing indicators such as changes in employment, wages, output, and housing conditions.   The monitor looks “beneath the hood” of national economic statistics to portray the diverse trajectories of recession and recovery in cities across the country.   The auspicious report from the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization ratifies San Antonio's appeal as a strong investment option for businesses domestic and foreign alike.   Further detail on the report can be found at the Brookings Institute website.

Reverse Trade Mission

State of Texas “reverse trade mission” from Mexico — June 24-26, 2009:

IAD presented its unique services to 42 Mexican companies at a 3-day conference convened by the State of Texas at the behest of the Governor’s office.    The Department conducted one-on-one meetings throughout the two day program with participants exploring business expansions to the region.   It is worth noting that the first two such missions, both held in Houston, attracted less than half of this year’s participants, validating San Antonio’s favorable position among Mexican businesses. 

AeroMéxico to Monterrey

AeroMéxico Airlines reinstates Monterrey, Mexico service and increases its capacity on its routes between San Antonio and Mexico City – July 1, 2009: 

Starting July 9th, the Mexican airline AeroMéxico will reinstate its non-stop flight to Monterrey, Mexico from San Antonio four times a week.   AeroMéxico will also increase capacity on its Thursday, Friday and Sunday flights to Mexico City using an Embraer 190 jet with seating for 99 people.   Current capacity is limited to 50 passengers.

EXPO Logistica

Major logistics show to be held in Mexico City throughout the month of July:

EXPO LOGISTiCA takes place in Mexico City every July and is one of the largest trade shows for this sector in the world. Casa San Antonio in Mexico can represent your company at this or any show.  The Casa staff, in San Antonio's foreign offices, can identify the appropriate shows for any sector taking place in Mexico. 

Diwali Festival In San Antonio

Fireworks Display in the works for San Antonio Diwali Festival in October

The City of San Antonio and the India Association of San Antonio are partnering to produce the first major Diwali fireworks display in the United States.   Diwali is one of the most significant holidays in India and is akin to Christmas/Winter Holidays in the United States.   Known as the “Festival of Lights,” fireworks displays are considered an integral part of Diwali.   The festival, to be held in the Downtown area, will include dance performances, as well as traditional food from India. 
If you and your company are interested in exporting or importing products or services we recommend you contact Iñigo Arzac, International Trade and Investment Manager, for information on the IAD’s business assistance services.   If you have any questions regarding the items published in this newsletter, please contact Jose M. Vega, Chief of Protocol, at 210-207-8102.